Consumer app spending is up 73%.
Consumer app spending is up 73%.

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21 best new mobile methods to research your customers in 2020.

Does market research ever really change?

Well, yes and no…

Market research veterans understand that no matter how fast technology changes, not much changes at the core of market research.

No matter what, there are still just three main things you can do with market research:

  1. Market evaluation – I want to understand the market landscape.
  2. Pre-launch testing – I want my launch to be a success.
  3. Post-launch evaluation – I have something in the market (ad,brand, product) and want to know how it’s doing and why.

Yet, while these 3 foundational questions don’t change much, the way in which we answer them does change… drastically.

That’s the big secret; Understanding how to use the latest proven tech- based market research methodologies and tools to get more accurate and insightful answers to the questions you’re always asking.

In this guide, we’ll look at how the smartest organizations are leveraging the latest tech-based methodologies for conducting more impactful market research in 2020.

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