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New Path-2-Purchase™ Tracking Made a Buzz at Quirk’s Event


The topic on many a mind at the Quirk’s Event West this week was “Location. Location. Location.” Yep, what matters most in real estate is also what matters most in understanding the consumer journey, and attendees came away with a better awareness of what they can achieve after being introduced to unique Path-2-Purchase™ solutions by MFour.


Path-2-Purchase™ matches real people with the places they go to give insights professionals previously unobtainable data and insights into consumer journeys. Leveraging MFour’s active panel of over 1.5 million members, Path-2-Purchase™ shows where consumers are, where they are going, and where they have been in the past, as well as how often and how long they stayed during each visit.


Here are some key uses  we touched on with our Quirk’s Event visitors:


Identifying and understanding consumers who eat at restaurant chains.


Tracking travelers at theme parks over their entire stay.


How to identify and understand loyal customers, competitors’ loyalists, and consumers in a given vertical who are in play.


  How mobile-app location research accomplishes ironclad validation of people and places.


We also talked a lot about Do-It-Yourself research, and what sets our MFourDIY® platform apart from other DIY products. Which meant we talked a lot about features such as demographic reach, panel quality and validation, and noted that MFour’s DIY platform is sophisticated as well as speedy and cost-efficient, with full location-research and multimedia question and capture features.


Thanks to all who came by to talk consumer insights with us. To continue that conversation, or start a new one, you can set up a live demo just by clicking here.


And to learn more about what Path-2-Purchase™ mobile-app research does and how it works, browse our searchable blog. Just click here.