24 unexpected behaviors of generations X, Y, + Z.

24 unexpected behaviors of generations X, Y, + Z.


Things have changed…

  • 80’s metal-heads are running the world.
  • 90’s tatted-up skater boys + girls have kids.
  • 00’s emo kids are grown up — working 9 to 5’s.

Add a pandemic — to three very different generations…and shopping habits start to look a lot different. Let’s take a peek at their app + web behavior together.

We’ll start with Gen Z, your not-so-little Zoomers.

8 unexpected Gen Z behaviors.

First, we’ll talk Tidal.

It’s a new music app with 187% more Gen Z active users than just 1 month ago. Why? Well, it may have something to do with its higher fidelity and better user experience.

But, could this app really disrupt Spotify or Amazon Music?

Maybe. We need more time for these behaviors to play out 😉 Yet, if you’re feeling a bit antsy, and feel the need to dig in deeper on this new app, you can start your search in Shopper Paths.


  • Visits to Motel 6 are up 27% for Gen Z. That may have to do with the current housing and rent crisis or be linked to low-budget vacationing. Here’s one way to know for sure.

  • Newegg.com also saw web visits go up, a full 140% in June. This could be tied to their new “PC Building” service. Or, it might be related to their high-demand, low-supply graphic cards.

  • Hertz car rental locations saw 74% more visits from May to June. Wait, didn’t they go bankrupt? Sounds like they’re running again. See how they compare to other car rental services on MFour Studio.

  • Step (a mobile banking app that helps kids build credit early) rose 147% for Gen Z. It’s trending much faster than other financial apps like SOFI, up 87%. Looks like Zoomers are getting pretty independent.

  • And, hungry? Little Caesars saw 72% growth from May to June for Gen Z. Sounds like it’s a great time to grab a slice there since none of their competitors saw above 30%.

  • Taleo.net saw 119% more Zoomer visits month over month, which is likely due to the 9.8 Million jobs currently available. So, if you’ve got Gen Z friends looking for a role this app may be where they’re at.

  • Uber.com is also up 38% for Gen Z web visits. Which seems strange, given they provide rides on their app, not online. If you’re in the rideshare world, it may be worth getting clarity on from Uber users.

Now, let’s look at Millennials.

8 unexpected Millennial behaviors.

They’re pretty busy buyers.

  • T-Mobile‘s in-store visits are up 31% month to month. Hmm, I wonder if that has to do with their Sprint acquisition. Millennials are pretty techy, but still, everyone needs a little support sometimes.

  • Just like Gen Z, Millennials also love Step. They’ve got 297% more active users MoM. Surprisingly, Millennials are outpacing Zoomers; the app’s actual target market. It may be a good time to see why.

  • AMCtheatres.com hosted 115% more visitors last month. Looks like Millennials are antsy to sit down in a nice, big theater again with a huge bucket of buttery popcorn, and an ice-cold ICEE. Yum…

  • It certainly seems that way, as Millennial foot traffic at Cinemark is also up 25% from May to June.

  • Maybe now is time to re-focus on marketing to Millennials. After all, Quora saw 90% more usage last month. As a growing forum, you may want to consider their app for advertising.

  • They’re certainly online. This could be why DHgate.com (a Chinese e-commerce marketplace) is up 133%. Millennials may be gaining an entrepreneurial mindset, given the market’s recent changes.

  • Millennials love to have fun. So, it’s no shock that Lego.com visits are up 87%. Who knows, they may be a little nostalgic for childhood, given all this chaos of COVID-19 and expensive housing.

  • Either way, they’re still financially focused. Venmo is up 131% month over month. That might mean Millennials are getting out more together and paying friends and family back through the app.

It’s time to check on Gen X.

8 unexpected Gen X behaviors.

This generation is ready for love.

  • OKCupid‘s active app users rose 177% and Badoo‘s users rose 194%. It sounds like our Gen X counterparts are ready to reignite a flame, now that the pandemic is starting to die down.

  • They’re certainly comfortable spending cash. Alibaba (the $602Bn Chinese e-commerce retailer) had 162% more Gen X U.S. app users last month. See how that impacts Amazon, Walmart, and Shipt.

  • Gen X likes entertainment too. PlutoTV (owned by ViacomCBS) is up 58% for app users, adding to a saturated marketplace with Disney+, Netflix, and many more. See the data on all streaming services on MFour Studio.

  • Finish Line‘s Gen X foot traffic is up 42% compared to the prior month. So, our Gen Xers appear to be working hard to stay in shape for the summer, as states continue to re-open all activities after COVID.

  • Meanwhile, there’s been a potential shift in mainstream media. CNN.com saw 13% less visits while FOX.com saw 11% more. Curious? Ask those exact Gen X web visitors why they switched sites.

  • And, it seems they’re no longer stockpiling. After all, Sam’s Club saw a downturn of 11% in their Gen X foot traffic. You can dig into the day parts, purchase drivers + non-buyers. If you’re hungry for more data.

  • Or, they may have been hot. With this heatwave, Weather.com (the #15 most visited site for Gen X) was up 61%. Sounds like our Xers are ready for a cool down.

  • They could use a break. Which may be why visits to IRS.com have fallen another 19%, with tax season tapering off, our Xers are hopefully headed for a more relaxed summer vacation.

All behaviors were found on MFour Studio. Stop on in with your own free trial.

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