Employee Spotlight: Kristin Caiella, Sales.

In honor of Women’s History Month in March, we are kicking off a MFour profile series to celebrate female MFourers and their contributions. Kristin has become an integral part of our leadership team from running our OOH Vertical to now managing our Legacy division. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with family and friends and exploring all the different neighborhoods in Los Angeles. 

What brought you to MFour?

The allure of an innovative approach to surveying consumers. In a research world filled with more traditional surveying methods, there were few companies trying to reach consumers on their smartphone. This approach made sense to me, because we spend more time interacting with and through our smartphones than anywhere else. In doing so, this approach solved many of the challenges facing traditional research methods and continues to get us closer to the point of consumer decision making than any other tech-enabled survey approach. The foresight MFour leaders had and continue to have in this space ultimately led me to pursue a career here. 

How has your role evolved from when you first started?

As MFour has grown, my role has developed, and I’ve been fortunate to take advantage of many exciting opportunities. I was initially hired on as a Solutions Executive focused on a territory of accounts across several verticals from which to earn business. 

More recently, I had the opportunity to lead our OOH territory, getting the privilege of working with our existing OOH clients and the opportunity to grow our newly established iOOH™ product, which we’ve steadily done with the support and collaboration of the incredible iOOH™ team at MFour. I began managing the MFour sales team focused on brand-specific clients, working with our talented team to bring action-focused solutions to client business problems. 

I now lead our MFour Legacy sales team, focusing on continually delivering the top-notch solutions and value to which our established clients have become accustomed as MFour moves into the next evolution of our company with MFour Studio.

What’s something that has surprised you about working at MFour?

The extent of the openness to feedback and collaboration at the company. At MFour, no one wins alone, and there is always someone to credit for aiding in each person and/or team’s success. Helping others achieve allows us to all win big together, so any time there is an opportunity to help our team(s) grow and develop, we want to do that however possible. 

What do you like most about your job?

I love the camaraderie of everyone who works here. It’s a very supportive workplace where people care and invest in others’ success. I enjoy having the opportunity to contribute to other people’s achievements. Whether that’s someone directly on my team, within the larger sales organization, or even on other teams, if there is a way for me to help them grow, I want to do it. Knowing I’ve made a difference in some way brings me great joy, and MFour fosters an environment that encourages it. 

What is your favorite Surveys On The Go® feature?

If I have to choose one, my favorite is the ability to capture video responses. When looking at survey results, it’s easy in consumer research to forget there are actual people behind these numbers and answers. Video responses bring the data to life, literally. Hearing straight from the consumers’ mouth why they chose the answers they did, or what they thought of the new product they just bought for the first time humanizes the data in a way that reminds clients who is being impacted by their business decisions, and how. 

What advice do you have for others looking to start a career in sales?

Be ready to follow-up! That is just one example of what salespeople need to be prepared to do to reach their goals. Sales is as much about tenacity as it is anything else. Also:

  • Expect the occasional failure but keep your mind focused squarely on success so you continue to try again and again.
  • Be ready to cold call A LOT and to many of the same people!
  • Keep educating yourself, your team members, and your clients.
  • Put in the work necessary to close the deal.
  • And overall, continue to challenge yourself.

Who has been the most influential female role model in your life?

My role model is my mother. She is an amazing person who in one minute is incredibly caring and compassionate, always looking to see how she can help others and be the best mother, sister, grandmother, etc. possible. And in the next minute, she can turn on the sales charm (she has been in sales for over 40 years), deftly identifying openings to initiate a deal, while making sure she’s listening to what her customers need and understanding what matters most to them. It was my mom who always told me I should go into sales. When I finally smartened up and listened, it turned out to be a life changing move. Thanks for the push mom!

If you’re interested in joining our team, we’re hiring! Take a look at our job openings.


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