Employee Spotlight: Laura O’Campo, Customer Success.

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We continue to celebrate female leaders at MFour in honor of Women’s History Month with our MFour Profile series. In her role as manager of customer success, Laura O’Campo oversees the core, tracker, and quick-turn project fulfillment teams who provide customer support in market research projects. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with family or randomly singing off-key and dancing like nobody’s watching.

How did you first hear about MFour?

In 2017 I worked as a project manager for a translation company housed on the same floor as MFour. As neighbors, I would often ride the elevator with MFour employees or give the occasional hi there in the hallway. I remember thinking everyone was very friendly and always shared a genuine smile and that it must be a great workplace. I had zero knowledge about the market research industry, but I eventually learned about MFour’s Surveys On The Go app and downloaded it. Eventually, a colleague from the translation company joined MFour and I was referred for a project manager position. Talk about being kind to your neighbor!

What do you do at MFour?

I have the privilege of supporting a powerhouse team of customer success managers. My capacity of support varies from project resourcing, client management, issue triaging, and strategic problem-solving. I also work on initiatives that support the team and company goals. Most importantly my main priority is coaching and mentoring the team throughout their journeys at MFour.

What has been your favorite project while working at MFour?

One of my favorite projects was for a cosmetic brand. The client came to MFour for support on product launch decisions and the research team provided answers supported by quality data. It was truly impactful to see the imprint and power of market research come to fruition.

What do you think makes MFour’s culture unique?

MFour has built a sense of community that is caring and welcoming. We have some of the most brilliant minds in the industry that are extremely approachable and humble. Leadership does a great job leading with kindness, transparency, and creativity. It’s truly an exciting and innovative place to work!

What is your best advice for managing a global team across multiple countries and time zones?

Establish a clear coverage and communication plan across teams. Our Kyiv and US team members have a buddy system or alt support resources in place that works seamlessly. Along with this system and streamlined workflows, we can collaborate in a way that is efficient and scalable.

How would you best describe your leadership style?

As a leader, I am a coach and mentor. I think it’s extremely important to recognize that everyone on the team is uniquely different in their own special way with different growth plans. I focus my guidance on fostering strengths, sharpening skills, and growth opportunities. 

Who are your professional role models?

I am inspired by the strong women around me in the workplace and at home. The power of mentorship and learning plays a significant role in my life, and it all began with the guidance and example set by my mother. Despite being thrown curveballs in life my mother always remained optimistic, focused, and determined to find solutions. 

Do you have any advice for the next generation of female leaders?

Give yourself the grace to make mistakes and the clarity to grow and learn from them. Be curious, ask questions, listen, and learn. But above all be authentic to who you are. Allow your personality to shine through and celebrate your success and the success of the people around you.

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MFour Employee Spotlight: Laura O’Campo, Customer Success.

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