Exposed on MFour Studio™ — the app, web, and in-store behaviors of a 7-Eleven consumer.

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Meet Steve.

He’s 38. And, after two years at college, Steve lands a job in California. That’s where you see him today — with his blue jeans on and still-white sneakers … walking into 7-Eleven.

Now, picture this.

You work for a beer brand sold at the 7-Eleven he’s about to enter. But instead of having to stand outside, or sift through 16 different platforms1 to get all the juicy data on Steve, you never even have to leave your laptop.

You can soak up all his beautiful buyer behaviors right here

Buyer profile: frequent 7-Eleven visitor.

Nice, huh?

Actually, it’s essential. Listen, sales are down for everyone right now — well, unless you sell toilet paper or hand sanitizer. Point is, your sales have likely been hit hard. You need consumer insights to influence buyers at every stage of their journey, which frankly, never ends. 

It can seem overwhelming, but it’s not.

Start with the data above. It paints a portion. But, there’s more to this picture. Imagine if you knew where Steve was spending his time. You’d be able to craft a perfect advertising campaign. One so great you’d beat the other beer brands competing for his affection.

You can.

Check this out.

7-Eleven visitors travel, buy coffee + like pizza.

You’re looking at app, web, and in-store behavior.

Starting from the left, we can see that Steve, and any other frequent 7-Eleven shopper just like him, is traveling pretty regularly. La Quinta Inn tops the list at a 110% increase month over month. Motel 6 is up 87%. Similarly, Dutch Bros Coffee is up 106%. These all say movement.

Use it to your advantage.

Craft an ad that helps Steve feel like you get him. You know he’s on the road. So, you build a TV commercial that represents him. He sees himself in the guy you portray on TV. Maybe you even go one step further — and place ads at the gas station TVs he looks at while filling up on road trips. Or, you consider a radio commercial; after all, he’s definitely spending time in his car.

There’s more.

7-Eleven visitors travel, buy coffee + like pizza.

Show Steve that you understand him in-store as well. On the right-hand side, you can see he’s into Marlboros and ordering Dominos. Knowing Steve’s app, web, and venue data allows you to impact his in-store buying behaviors.

Think about it.

You can do an in-store campaign for a buy 1 get 1 half off with the 24/7 pizza that 7-Eleven sells in-store. You can appeal to all of Steve’s faves while hitting your 4 Ps: pricing, product, promotion, and placement.

You can dig in even deeper.

Get to know what the competition is up to. After all, you can use every red cent you can get these days. Did you know that you can talk to all the consumers who are powering the data you’re looking at?

That’s right.

Find out exactly what they think of your beer — and the competitions’ too. Now that you know exactly who they are, this is your chance to really get familiar with why they’re buying (or not buying) your brand. 

Your move.

Want more? Try a free 7 day trial of MFour Studio™ to uncover behaviors of your own consumers.



By Maksym Minin

Reviewed by Theresa Bui

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