Free research — a library of 1,500+ insights is now available.

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The first free library of 1,500+ insights, for market research professionals — is here.

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Bad data comes at a high price. For 27% of marketers, it costs 10%+ in lost revenue. That’s a price we believe is much too high to pay. This free research database will open up industry-wide access to brand and category insights — completely free of charge.

“You deserve great data,” says MFour CEO’s Chris St. Hilaire. “At MFour, we strive for innovation. We see the challenges our clients face, and know they need strong, reliable data for presentations. So, we’re making it easy. We’ll add new, high-quality insights each week, so market research professionals can get the data they need.”

At the time of this release, MFour’s free research database has 1,651 insights. Each week, 15 to 20 insights will be added to the library, categorized by brand and industry. Market researchers can use the library at any time, as often as they’d like, for no cost to them. Come back weekly for more.

About MFour:

Better outcomes on MFour Studio: the first platform to behave like your consumer. Using the nation’s most downloaded, highest-rated, and only Apple-approved data collection and survey app, MFour has finally united market research and data science. 

MFour Studio is the only place for real-time app, web, and foot traffic united with validated consumer surveys for unprecedented insights to help you capture the modern consumer’s attention.

By Theresa Bui

Reviewed by Avani Patel

Posted on August 27th, 2021

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