Where should you advertise to the future hybrid owners of America?

Green is the new black!

California is leading the charge in the race towards zero-emissions vehicles, with a new law requiring the sale of zero-emissions car models to go into effect in just a few short years. Should you be marketing differently to hybrid owners?

To find out if the Golden State is truly going green, we surveyed consumers and analyzed their behavior data using our specialized OmniTraffic® data. Our team surveyed a diverse group of consumers that have different plans when it comes to going electric or sticking to gas-guzzlers.

Got more questions about where you should be advertising to best reach your audience? That’s what we’re here for! MFour Studio is revolutionizing the way you understand your consumers.

By Theresa Bui

Reviewed by Maksym Minin

Posted on May 23rd, 2023

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