MFour & TPS Engage announce partnership to enhance ROI tracking in digital out-of-home ads.

Gone are the days when Out Of Home was unmeasurable.

Technology that pioneered the digital advertising boom has been adapted by traditional channels like OOH. More specifically, Digital Out of Home (DOOH), that now allows micro-buying and dynamic ads, features that were unheard of only a decade ago.

Companies like MFour take the stakes even higher, allowing you to create audiences of exposed vs unexposed customers and track the impact of DOOH even further than sales or impressions. Put together with tools that enable dynamic buying and content delivery in the DOOH space, the possibilities are endless.

Imagine being able to leverage mobile technology to measure purchase intent, brand equity or even NPS and see exactly how much a targeted DOOH campaign moved the needle in your favor.

Through the unique offering of TPS Engage – a leading programmatic DSP that allows real time dynamic advertising and micro-buying on over 100.000 screens worldwide –  and MFour – the nation’s largest, highest-rated, market research app – clients can now automatically include in-depth market surveys in their Digital Out of Home campaigns in the United States.

Having built America’s largest, most engaged mobile panel with 10 million daily consumer journeys, MFour will provide TPS Engage clients with the possibility to track consumer feedback in real-time against any relevant business KPIs, not only awareness or ad recall.

“Consumer behavior is changing rapidly. It requires faster, validated research, and to get that, we need to meet consumers where they are…on their smartphones. TPS Engage understands that and we are thrilled to partner with them,” said Chris St. Hilaire, MFour CEO.

Actionable data is a core attribute of TPS Engage – without it, we’d have numbers to show in a spreadsheet, but know nothing about what really influenced a brand’s audience. Together with MFour, we’re thrilled to be adding another building block to a future where DOOH reaches its true potential,” said Bogdan Savonea, TPS Engage CEO.

The companies are offering their joint services to clients that book new campaigns starting with July 2020. For more information, please contact your MFour or TPS Engage representative.

By Cathy Karcher

Reviewed by Allyson Wehn

Posted on July 22nd, 2020

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