Spotify + Snapchat: 15 secrets, just for you.

Spotify + Snapchat: 15 secrets, just for you.


It’s no secret.

You love to socialize. We all do. It’s not new, it’s inherent — how you survive. See, even if you’re a little bit shy, you have a gnawing need for friends. Buried deep inside, it pushes you to connect.

It makes you human.

What is new though, is how you — and other buyers — are being social.

That deserves to be studied. And, it’s why we dug into two of the most popular platforms today, to see where, when, and how consumers are interacting. 

Here’s what we found.

You hate being alone.

Let’s look at Snapchat.

First of all, 65% use it because friends and family do. In a classic case of FOMO – people hate being sidelined, they want in on the action. They’ll download an app to keep up with the Jones’. 

And, to avoid being alone.

Why do you use the Snapchat app?

So, while 89% downloaded Snapchat before the pandemic hit, 37% are using it more. Now, you could argue that has something to do with having more free time, but the reality is — this situation sucked for everyone.

Misery loves company, and social media’s a great place to get it.

Often, both — the misery, and the company. 

But, I digress…

Truth is, that 72% use Snapchat to chat with friends. It’s clear they’re looking for a connection. Snapchat draws them in on an interaction — and keeps them in with the fear of being left out. 

Isn’t it ironic?

No, Alanis Morsette’s song isn’t actually ironic, but the fact that 86% use Snapchat at home — is. 

It’s a big shift.

You used to see people hanging out at bars, concerts, and movie theatres. These days, we see them a lot less. Hopefully, hanging out returns in full force at some point, but in the meantime, social media has skyrocketed

So, what are they doing on the app?

Well, 50% are on Snapchat for the stories. The next most popular features on the app are face lenses and memories. Both ways to interact with other Snapchatters.

What's your favorite Snapchat feature?

Then, there are the scores + streaks.

A measure of engagement. Snapchat scores are built from snaps you’ve sent and received. And, 61% of our panel has a Snapchat score of up to 10,000. That shows a lot of time spent on the app.

Snapstreaks are similar.

They look at how long you’ve talked to someone continuously. And, after 24 hours of no interaction, your streak disappears. It’s a great indication of app use — 16% have had a Snapstreak for more than a year.

Now, let’s study Spotify…

There’s a connection here too.

Spotify makes it easy to find new music. That’s actually why 62% of people listen to the app – to find new tunes. So, tying music to being social, would clearly enhance the customer experience.

What's the main reason you use Spotify?

It happened in 2019.

Spotify + Snapchat created a partnership, so people could add music to their stories. And, it’s going well; 55% say they’re more likely to use Snapchat if it’s connected to Spotify. 


Well, 66% say they think it’s cool to have a song attached to their stories. Allowing the apps to interact this way, brings value to users on both sides, looking for new ways to connect. 

These brands both won too, by growing their user base. 

Spotify has taken that principle to the bank. While the app is a free service, 46% pay for Premium. Why? Simple — 88% say to avoid ads. Spotify found the way to consumers’ hearts, by removing all the rubbish. 

But, there’s more.

While people love having fewer ads, 79% like unlimited skipping. So, Spotify added value to customers — while lining their own pocketbooks. It’s why app insights are so special. They tie feedback straight to profitability. 

It’s data you simply can’t ignore.

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