Three ways to recession-proof your OOH ads.

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Right now, every dollar counts.

You’re battling for every dollar that you spend. And we all know that out-of-home advertising has never been easy to tie to a return on investment.

So, here are three ways to do it:

  1. Go digital.
  2. Get programmatic.
  3. Grab metrics in real time.

#1: Go digital.

Times have changed. You no longer have to print an ad, you can go digital. 

And, today, companies can tie a brand lift directly back to that billboard ad. And they’re doing it by connecting to real consumers in real-time. Here’s how it works. MFour tracks the location of 10 million daily consumer journeys through our mobile app: Surveys On The Go®.

We geofence where your campaign’s out-of-home displays are located. Now, as people walk—or drive—by your ads, we can test ad recall on those who were exposed, and those who weren’t. 

You get a measured brand lift.

And, if you’ve gone with a digital billboard, you can pivot. Nothing is printed. So, you can change out the creative if the consumer feedback isn’t what you were looking for.

Digital = agile. And agility is essential right now2.

#2: Get programmatic. 

Want more agility? 

Level up.

Get programmatic. With programmatic out-of-home, space is on-demand. That means you can buy inventory whenever and wherever you want—to reach your target market.

Here, you can really pivot.

Ads are digital and they’re tied to the weather, proximity to a location of interest, time of day and much more. So, if the ad’s not working, simply adjust the creative, or the parameters. It’s all agile.  And, because you can track metrics in our mobile app: Surveys On The Go®, you can see exactly how you’re doing in real time, regardless of what happens. Pandemic or not.

Don’t hesitate.

See how your ads are doing right now. Because in a world where change is constant, measurement creates comfort. For you, and for your management team.

#3: Grab metrics in real time.

Budgets are tight. 

Use your metrics to maximize spend and make every impression count. That’s exactly why Ritual Vitamins did brand lift measurement. They believe better health begins with better ingredients. And, when it came time to place OOH ads, they wanted to use real science to measure their impact.

Here’s how they did it. 

Using the nation’s largest consumer group, Surveys on the Go®, Ritual Vitamins measured the brand lift of billboard ads in New York City. The result? An 85% increase in awareness and a 70% brand likeability tied directly to the OOH campaign – results Ritual had never seen before.

But, what they did next, was even more important.

Ritual used the 85% lift to justify a campaign expansion. As a result of their findings, the brand went on to invest in OOH buys in Los Angeles and New York City. Read the full case study to learn more.

It’s clear.

The ability to measure the impact of out-of-home ads separates you from the rest. 

It does more than make you look good in the boardroom—which it will too. Metrics give you a clear direction and bolster your brand against the competition. Use metrics to your advantage. Be agile, spend smart—and find what works in out-of-home ads. Now, that’s how you win a war. 



By Cathy Karcher

Reviewed by Sharon Leynes

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