Fair Trade Data® — research you can rely on.

fair trade data

Your data could be at risk.

So, I’m here to expose it.

The truth is … your research is only as good as the data it’s built on.

Here’s why.

You rely on consumer data for business decisions. But, what if behind the scenes, the company you trust is pulling data surreptitiously from mobile and desktop sites? They’re getting visits, searches, clickstream patterns, and conversions. Yet, there’s one issue, all of this data has — no consumer consent.

That’s a really big problem.

This kind of data is private. It’s not allowed to be shared, because consumers didn’t readily make it available. So, if you’re receiving it your data is at risk, and your panel provider may soon be out of business. It’s already happened, twice.1,2

You want Fair Trade Data®.

What is Fair Trade Data®?

More precious than diamonds.

Fair Trade Data® is research you can rely on. Like ethically sourced coffee, clothes, and diamonds—consumers know this data is being collected. In full transparency, they know how it’ll be used, have opted in, and are paid in cash.

How’s it work?

You get connected to a group of people who want to be in your research. In fact, they’ve asked to be included. They’re paid for their opinions, and they like adding value to your brand.

That’s important.

Data privacy issues are everywhere and the best way to protect yourself from any issue is to stay on the right side of consumer privacy requirements.

How to use Fair Trade Data®.

Here’s how you use it.

Be clear and upfront. Fair Trade Data® tells panelists “I’m going to collect information from you. Here’s how I’m going to use it, and why.” They know exactly what’s happening at every stage.

And, they value this transparency.

There’s more.

Fair Trade Data® also gives you access to a broader audience. See, when you treat people fairly, you engage more panelists. It’s why this consumer panel is so strong.

What person do you know who’d want to spend 30 minutes on a survey and earn $.25, or (worse yet) be entered into a drawing?


No one.

That’s why a fair cash incentive is attached to every Fair Trade Data® survey. The right people are then reached and opt-in to participate. When they’re done with the survey, they earn cash.

Everyone wins.

The bottom line.

Fair Trade Data® is essential.

The panel you use must be fully engaged and fairly compensated—or you can’t believe in the data you’ve been given. Fair Trade Data® is both reliable and representative. You get high-quality consumer insights, the right way.

So, while technology continues to grow, use it to your advantage. 

It’s now not only possible—it’s actually easy—to collect omnichannel opinions. And frankly, buyers expect you to know what they need. They’re willing to spend 86% more for a great customer experience.3 So, dig into the data.

This is the time to find out what they want—and deliver it.

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By Theresa Bui

Reviewed by Maksym Minin

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