Your buyers are here — 33 habits on TikTok, Pinterest + Postmates.

You’re here.

Stuck at home, scrolling through your phone. When, sliding between TikTok and Pinterest — waiting to be entertained…you get caught…staring at a thick, juicy burger.

Your buyers are here — 33 habits on TikTok, Pinterest + Postmates.

Now, you’re hungry

So, you flip to Postmates and start an order.

It’s that easy.

A buying trigger hits mid-scroll — without warning— and suddenly you’re ready to spend. Welcome to consumer behavior. It’s impulsive. And, a lot of it happens right here, on apps.

…What you want… are insights.

Here you go. We grabbed 33 new behaviors from our consumer panel last week, after they’d used TikTok, Pinterest + Postmates. See what sucks them in, so they grab your brand — not the competition’s. 

We’ll start with TikTok.

It’s for entertainment.

That’s why 80% of people use TikTok. So, if you plan to promote here, be authentic. Better yet, be creative, because that’s what 55% are looking for. It’s also why 44% don’t post on TikTok. They want to sit back and enjoy.

That’s right, 89% spend more time consuming content — than posting it.

89% spend more time consuming content — than posting it.

On TikTok, do you tend to spend more time posting or consuming content? 

Make ‘em laugh.

Gene Kelly was right 70 years ago, while “Singin’ in the Rain.” Laughter is the reason 59% spend more time on TikTok than on any other social media platform. And, it’s why 69% say funny videos are their favorite content.

Right now, laughter is the best medicine.

But, this isn’t new.

TikTok was used by 61% of our panel before the pandemic started. So, here’s what is new— 44% are using TikTok more now, than they were before. That’s quite a spike. 

That’s the power of entertainment.

Get it right, and consumers stick around. In fact, 93% expect their TikTok use to increase, or stay the same, within the next 6 months. So, expect these behaviors to hang out for a bit.

Let’s take a look at Pinterest.

It’s all about ideas.

That’s why 85% use Pinterest. They’re here to get inspired. So while 85% had the app before the pandemic started, 33% are now using it more. Just like TikTok.

But, here, they wanna try something new.

In fact, 51% are likely to try a new brand or product on Pinterest. It’s a place where people can explore. You’ve got a problem; Pinterest has a solution. It’s why 62% scroll through pins that are related to their search.

How often do you scroll through pins related to your search?

Take cooking, for example.

You’re at home more, right? Maybe, you need dinner ideas. Great, because Pinterest is passionate about cooking, and 27% use it for exactly that reason — ideas on “what’s for dinner?” Behind them, is another 23% who use it for home decoration/renovation. And 40% expect their use to increase in the next 6 months. 

So, take advantage.

Use pins to connect with your consumers. It’s a great way to showcase your product, with the help of technology. Pinterest users can “try on” your product with augmented reality, and 20% do just that. Another 35% will put out a visual search for things, using their phone’s camera. Let them find you.

Be creative, and they’ll interact with your brand.

Now, we’ll take a peek at Postmates.

It’s easy.

That’s why people like Postmates, 68% say it’s simple to use. And, 49% are using the app more now, than they did before. In fact, Postmates use is up more now, than TikTok or Pinterest.


It’s a great experience.

At least, that’s why 34% would rather order from Postmates than a restaurant. It comes down to speedy service and easy order tracking. That’s what buyers love about the experience. 

Which feature is most valuable to you on Postmates?

Right now, delivery is in.

We’re all craving convenience, which is why 41% prefer Postmates to other food apps too, because the delivery service is better.

In fact, 93% count on Postmates for food (versus the other products they can order on the app) and 61% of our panel chose Postmates for their most recent online food order. They’re pretty committed, which makes sense, given their app insights.

They trust it.

It’s also why 63% will try a new product or restaurant on Postmates. We’re seeing strong loyalty here. Consumers plan to keep using Postmates— as long as they continue to see this much value. 

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By Urielle Corcuera

Reviewed by Allyson Wehn

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