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Take This Expert Advice on Data Quality & Validation


Ron Sellers of Grey Matter continues to fight the good fight for data accuracy and reliability. His most recent article for GreenBook is especially worth reading, because it’s not just a litany of complaints, but gives readers specific advice on how to weed out suspect data and obtain quality that’s validated and accurately represents consumer reality.


“This takes a lot more than digital fingerprinting or pre-programmed algorithms,” Seller writes. “Usually, it requires going line-by-line through the data to find and remove problem respondents.” Without that attention to detail, he warns, “frankly, they just miss a lot.”


We don’t think anyone will go wrong by taking Ron Sellers’ constructive criticism and sensible advice to heart. To read his article, click here.


And for a productive conversation about how mobile-app research meets the quality challenge to fulfill your projects’ specific needs, just click here.