Measuring Advertising Effectiveness

Now there’s a better way to measure the power of your advertising campaign before, during and after launch.

  • Identify the ideal consumer demographics and psychographics for your brand and product.
  • Discover whether your advertising campaigns are driving success, failing to deliver value, or harming your brand.

MFour’s first-party validated all-mobile consumer panel is uniquely able to measure advertising effectiveness by combining opinion and observed data (GPS location and Digital Behavior) to pinpoint the exact concepts and messages that resonate with your market.

Ad Measurement Suite

MFour’s comprehensive advertising research products give you trustworthy KPIs all along the advertising continuum, in both physical and digital space.

  • Test your concepts and creative, including social media.
  • Understand your exposure, awareness and lift.
  • Measure everywhere: TV, Out-Of-Home (OOH), Digital, Apps.

MFour’s combination of first-party behavioral and opinion data gives you unique guidance on how to spend your advertising dollars effectively.

Concept Testing

Display still images, video and audio clips to targeted audiences, protected against downloads and sharing.

  • Get immediate, real-time, in-depth qualitative responses from first-party consumers, revealing emotional impact.
  • Target validated consumers by demographic, ethnographic and location profiles to reach key audiences.
  • Concept testing: see how well your theme and story are working.
  • “Video selfies” simulate mobile focus groups providing instant, validated consumer color.
  • Inject test content into actual social feeds, not simulated environments.

Social Ad Testing

Speedily test creative content in the personal Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube feeds of 2.5 million first-party consumers.

  • Test ads “in the wild,” not in a simulated feed.
  • Begin with observed behavioral metrics – shares, likes, clicks, time spent.
  • Survey for unaided awareness, recall and intent.
  • Obtain in-depth qualitative and quantitative opinions.
  • Combine with more than 200 demographic variables.
  • Compare effectiveness across platforms to guide ad spend.
  • Use ad-test feedback for smart creative adjustments.

Intelligent-OOH™ – Out-Of-Home (OOH) Measurement

Using GPS, identify which validated consumers passed an OOH ad from any direction. Push real-time surveys to gauge awareness, recall and impact with Intelligent-OOH™.

  • Measure signs throughout the U.S., including billboards and bus shelters.
  • Get unprecedented validation and detailed profiles of naturally exposed consumers.
  • First-party consumers receive survey notifications immediately after or days following exposure to advertisement.
  • Real-time responses measure brand and product recall, lift and intent to buy.
  • Follow up with validated intenders to gauge whether and when they actually purchased.
  • 85% survey response up to two weeks after OOH exposure.
  • Intelligent-OOH™ uses first-party validated consumers – not inferred and inaccurate 3rd party attribution models.

Digital Brand Studies

Compare control and exposed groups for metrics on brand awareness, brand lift and intent to buy.

  • Did you reach your intended consumers?
  • Survey actual, validated consumers for insights into ad effectiveness, including brand recall, recall of the ad and product. Do ad recipients intend to buy?
  • Track intenders’ store visits with GPS and send follow-up surveys.
  • Customize your study to meet your specific goals.

Starting at $5,000 learn more about Digital Brand Studies.

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