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Consumer app spending is up 73%.
Consumer app spending is up 73%.

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Do you trust me?

I’m a nice person. And, I’d like you to believe me. But, if we’ve never met, what I say doesn’t matter at all. What I do does. 


You’re going to base trust on my actions—not on my words.

Okay, that’s fair.

But, let me ask you this… Do you trust your panel provider? Truth is, maybe you shouldn’t. Because, if you’re not killing all bad survey responses yourself—you’re getting a ton of bad data.1 

While you think about that…

Consider this.

Harmon Research recently shared that at least 90% of researchers aren’t taking sufficient steps to ensure online panel quality.2

I know.

You’re removed from online panelists. 

And, that makes it hard to know what your panel provider is doing. Whether they’re meticulously combing through all fraudulent responses from any wide-net survey methods they may have cast. But, that’s why you’re reading this. You want to know what—and who—you can trust. 

Fair Trade Data™.

More precious than diamonds.

Fair Trade Data™ is research you can rely on. Like ethically sourced coffee, clothes, and diamonds—this is data that is credible and tied directly to an original source. It’s not an online panel.

It’s a first-party panel.

These eye-witnesses are unbiased and represent your target market. They know what your brand looks like online, in-store, and are happy to share what they think with you. Capture their insights in real time and you’ll catch the fast, fresh, and accurate data you crave—straight from the source.

Here’s how you do it.

Begin with the end in mind.

Do you need to speak with buyers online, in-store, or both? Great. Now, what should your ideal consumers be doing—or be like—to be a part of your target market…perfect. Collect that.

We call it behavior-driven research. 

It’s easy. You see what people do. Then, send a survey, to find out why. That’s how the nation’s largest, highest-rated consumer panel: Surveys On The Go® works. You get online and in-store data in one place—and your panelists get paid. It’s Fair Trade Data™ that you’re in charge of.

In one fell swoop, you’ve just removed fraud and recall bias.


The bottom line.

Behavioral data is essential.

The panel you use must be fully engaged and fairly compensated—or you can’t believe in the data you’ve been given. A first-party panel with Fair Trade Data™ is the only way to eliminate recall and bias. Let that dirty data out of the net. You deserve high-quality consumer insights. 

So, while technology continues to grow, use it to your advantage. 

It’s now not only possible—it’s actually easy—to collect omnichannel opinions. And frankly, buyers expect you to know what they need. They’re willing to spend 86% more for an excellent customer experience.3 So, dig into the data. This is the time to find out what they want—and deliver it.

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