Understand your audience and market trends.

In today’s fast-paced business world, understanding your audience for products, services and experiences is essential. Explore how MFour combines 2.5 billion validated location, app and web behaviors with longitudinal surveys for a modern approach to A&U research so you can better understand your audience.

Diary + OmniTraffic® Data = The New A&U

Diary OmniTraffic Data
Comprehensive Understanding

Integrate actions and words to ensure a more holistic view of consumer attitudes and usage patterns that goes beyond surface-level insights.

Timely Insights

Align survey time frames with behavioral data to facilitating a more precise portrayal of consumer attitudes and behaviors.

Reliable Representation

High follow-thru rates ensure that the gathered data is representative of the target consumer group. This enhances the credibility and applicability of the A&U research findings.

Gain a competitive edge with these data advantages

Understand all the details

Capture who, what, where, and when. Transition seamlessly into in-depth surveys for a nuanced understanding of consumer attitudes and behaviors. Does what consumers are saying align with what they do?

Understand Details
Validated OmniTraffic® profiling

Uncover consumer behavior through a validated profiling approach. Rigorous validation ensures accuracy, constructing behavior profiles that are both relevant and representative.

Validated OmniTraffic® profiling
Longitudinal diary feedback

Industry leading 85% recontact rates keep you engaged with consumers who tell you perceptions that complement behaviors.

Longitudinal diary feedback
Eliminate the “say do” gap

Adding what people do to what they say results in more comprehensive consumer understanding than traditional A&U research.

Eliminate the "say do" gap
Optional analysis reporting

Have our team tell you key findings and recommendations, or create them on your own.

Optional analysis reporting

Metrics that matter


Brand awareness, health, and equity.
Insights into behavior reasons.
Product consideration and purchase drivers.

OmniTraffic® Behaviors

Frequent online & offline touchpoints.
Variances in visits by user & attitudinal cohorts.
Common search terms and behavioral clustering.

Discover optimal ad placement, product improvement, customer segmentation, and more.