Unpacking the power of OmniTraffic® Data: insights from chip searches in the online grocery market.

Unpacking the Power of OmniTraffic Data: Insights from Chip Searches in the Online Grocery Market

In the post-COVID era, the surge in online grocery shopping has become a significant trend, with over 20% of US households opting for digital platforms for their grocery needs in 2022. This shift presents unique challenges and opportunities for retailers and manufacturers, emphasizing the need for a deep understanding of evolving consumer preferences.

Adapting to Changing Consumer Preferences in Online Grocery Shopping

The increase in online grocery shopping requires retailers and manufacturers to adapt their strategies in marketing, supply chain management, and customer experience. Catering to the dynamic needs of online shoppers is crucial for staying competitive in the digital marketplace.

Leveraging OmniTraffic® Data for In-Depth Shopper Behavior Insights

MFour’s OmniTraffic® Data offers a comprehensive view of shopper behaviors, tracking over 10 million daily visits from more than 150,000 iOS and Android consumers. This rich dataset enables businesses to conduct custom analyses of historical and future consumer data, providing a solid foundation for informed decision-making.

Deciphering the Meaning of “Chip” in Consumer Searches

The term “chip” can refer to various products, from salty snacks to technological components. Insights from OmniTraffic® Data reveal that 81% of “chip” searches on Amazon and Walmart are for salty snacks, yet only 8% result in purchases. This discrepancy highlights the importance of understanding consumer intent and decision-making processes in online retail.

Understanding Consumer Decision-Making in the Online Snack Market

Analyzing consumer behavior, such as the 30% purchase rate after adding chips to the basket, offers valuable insights into the factors influencing online purchasing decisions. Brand recognition also plays a significant role, with brands like Lays, Pringles, and Takis dominating search queries.

Predictive Analytics: Utilizing OmniTraffic® Data for Revenue Forecasting

Asset managers and businesses can leverage OmniTraffic® Data to predict revenue performance and gain a competitive edge. The dataset’s scale, compliance, and diversity of insights make it a powerful tool for predictive analytics in the retail sector.

Explore the Insights of OmniTraffic® Data for Your Business

Discover the potential of MFour’s OmniTraffic® Data to unlock valuable insights into consumer behavior and search trends in the online grocery market. Dive deeper into the data to enhance your business strategies and meet the evolving needs of your customers.

By embracing the insights from OmniTraffic® Data, retailers and manufacturers can navigate the complexities of the online grocery market, optimize their offerings, and ultimately drive business success in the digital age.

By Theresa Bui

Reviewed by Avani Patel

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