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Mobile is not a research methodology. It’s a superior medium to collect consumer data. MFour collects opinion data with surveys, but it also gathers masses of passive, observational data, including consumers’ location journeys and their digital activities, including searchers, visits and purchases from Amazon and other digital retailers.

Our mobile consumer panel is first-party and proprietary to MFour. This is your key to much richer and deeper demographic and psychographic profiles than you’ll get from any other provider.

Now MFour is making this wealth of data available not just through surveys, but by icensing the data direct to brands, agencies, and market research firms. It’s a gold mine for research and data science teams who hunger for reliable, validated consumer data. You can access data products via MFour’s portal or by using an API. Data packages start at low as $10,000.

Marrying Passive Data + Survey Data

Looking for soccer moms who shop at Walmart® more than twice a week? Need to target African-American car shoppers who also shop at big box or club stores? How about people who visit Best Buy but regularly buy electronics from We have them all.

It’s widely agreed that the future of consumer insights depends on collecting passive data (aka “Big Data”) from representative consumers. MFour is uniquely positioned to lead the market research industry to the next generation of insights. It starts with our mobile survey app, Surveys On The Go® (SOTG).

The app’s technology is both sophisticated and immensely popular. Market researchers get the most sophisticated capabilities, and consumers have made SOTG the most popular, highest-rated mobile research app. Its 2.5 million U.S. users are fully engaged in your research because they love the experience – as evidenced by the average ratings of 4.5 stars out of 5 they post for SOTG at the Apple and Google Play stores, along with overwhelmingly positive comments.

That satisfaction and trust has earned their informed consent to be passively tracked for observational data collection. For them, it means more opportunities to take surveys and earn cash rewards. For market research, it means a breakthrough in marrying passively observed data with survey data.

MFour is now providing data as a service to researchers, who can purchase observational data alone as a tool for visualizing consumers’ buying journeys. And as always, clients can add the “why” to the observed “where” “when” and “how often” by surveying the same validated consumers whose movements we observe. Welcome to the marriage of passive and survey data, a blessed event for a market research industry that’s been intrigued by the potential of today’s always-flowing streams of consumer data, but unsure about how to access, organize and use them.

Welcome to the wedding. Welcome to the new era in consumer insights.

“Just the facts, Ma’am.”

Get all the facts as 2.5 million validated, first-party consumers shop across America.

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