Battery brands – social responsibility does matter.

Laughing woman with long braids sitting on couch, eating popcorn and watching TV at home, holding remote controller.

Picture this. 

You’re at Sam’s Club getting everything ready for the busy weeks ahead. There you are, going through your list, crossing each item off — one by one, when …

“Uh, oh…”

You almost forgot.

They’re small, but really important this time of year — you need batteries.

Now, we know batteries are an essential part of everyday life (how else would you turn on the remote control to your TV to binge-watch your favorite show?)

But …

They’re not exactly environmentally friendly. And, if you’re like 36% of Sam’s Club shoppers, you’re probably buying them once a month or more.  

Sorry, Mother Nature.

So, let’s ask these Sam’s Club shoppers, as they leave the store about shopping sustainably, and how likely they are to use rechargeable batteries.

Convenience matters.

It’s true. 

Consumers care about convenience.

In fact, 72% of Sam’s Club shoppers buy batteries in-store rather than online. Why? Well, 68% say it’s easier; they can pick them up, when they’re already in-store.

Not too surprising.

So, let’s dig in deeper. How many are buying rechargeable batteries? After all, we know that 91% shop for sustainable products, so we’d expect to see that behavior here.  

Good news. 

A full 56% of Sam’s Club shoppers already buy rechargeable batteries (so there is hope). Turns out, the #1 reason to go rechargeable is because buyers like to save money. I mean who doesn’t, right? 

But there are other reasons too. 

Take a look.

See that? 

While some agree that rechargeable batteries are better for the environment, it’s not the primary motivation for purchase. No, it all ties back to convenience.

Whether it’s to save time, money, or a trip to the store, these consumers agree buying rechargeable batteries is a quick fix — to easy street. That matters. It means the best way to increase the buyers for these batteries is to talk about ease and convenience.

That’s how you expand a market, and increase sales.

Wait, there’s more.

Social responsibility does matter.

Good news, again. 

Consumers also care about socially responsible brands. It’s why 84% said they’d be more likely to buy batteries from a brand that is socially responsible. 

And, they’re in the know.

When it comes to social responsibility, 87% of shoppers named Duracell as a rechargeable battery brand, and 86% mentioned Energizer.

So, what’s it mean for these brands? 

Here’s the data.

There you have it. 

First, you craft a message about how easy rechargeables are. Then, hit on their social responsibility to push them over the line. That’s how you sell these batteries. After all, 66% environmental friendliness makes them more likely to buy a battery brand.

So, get ready to advertise these points, because — it’ll work.

Just look, below.

Here’s a secret. 

Great data helps you kill the competition. When you know what buyers want, you can tailor your every ad to influence their behavior. 

It starts with quality data and surveys.

Reach buyers in real time. Survey for their feedback. And if you need help to get started, check out our free research library. It’s your 24/7 access to free, validated, consumer insights. Stop guessing.

Get the insights you need today.

By Avani Patel

Reviewed by Cathy Karcher

Posted on December 7th, 2021

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