Get better data—6 things you need to know.

Get better data—6 things you need to know.


You’re worth it.

No, this isn’t a L’Oreal commercial. Unfortunately, I’m not a beautiful, young model—all fresh-faced and ready to share the latest shade of lip gloss with you. 

But, I have something better.

Accurate data. Yes, it can be hard to come by—but, you are worth the effort. I’ll share the story.

You already know that accurate data is worth its weight in gold.

The fact is, since the beginning of 2020—when the “you know what” hit the fan—it’s been ridiculously hard for market research firms to get accurate insights. The data you need to run your business.

We’re changing all that.


With market research software. 

I should explain. Let’s go back in time just a bit. See in 2017, GreenBook Research declared a research crisis. Online panels were dying. But, at that time, it wasn’t a pandemic yet. 

Yes, 51% of research respondents didn’t like their experience.

But, most market research firms weren’t all that worried. They were still able to get consumer panelists. Sure, accurate data was a little bit harder to come by, using an online panel, but it wasn’t that big of a deal. The sky wasn’t falling.


Fast forward to today. 

We’re waist-deep in a real threat. Consumer behavior is in a crucible—changing more quickly than we’ve seen in a lifetime. And guess what’s no longer working? Online panels. See, consumers are standing up for change.

They want a good experience, and they expect to be paid for it.

Here’s the good news.

You’re covered.

While everyone else wasn’t worried—we could see the sky was falling. Smartphones were taking over. 81% of the US population had one. And people preferred to do everything on their phones. What’d it mean to research? Consumers hated email surveys. They weren’t answering them anymore. It wasn’t worth their time.

That’s why panels were drying up.

So, quietly, we built the nation’s largest, highest-rated consumer panel—starting in 2011. We pay consumers in cash for input. They interact with us directly, through our app. And, as the world’s first market research app, it’s now also the nation’s largest, highest-rated consumer panel.

The result?

Accurate data. More specifically, we leverage market research software to make your life simpler. Giving you back your time and budget with better research—done right the first time. 

Now what?

It’s time to get the data you deserve.

You’re smack dab in the middle of an unprecedented period. This is the time when you need consumer insights more than ever. They shouldn’t be hard so hard to come by. And with market research software, they’re not. 

In fact, you can get the full picture.

What do I mean?

In just two months, eCommerce spiked 41%. Yes, we’ve always needed to know about the in-store customer experience. But when lockdowns happened, app + web insights became essential. Unfortunately, no one seemed to have them. Across the industry, researchers were scrambling to get the data they desperately needed.

Why? Consumers weren’t spending indoors, they were buying online. 

Your world is now omnichannel.

You’ve got the data.

In-store + online insights are here. Now, it’s a matter of applying the data to your target market to make informed business decisions. Because, if you’re still stuck collecting receipt data, or just talking to people in a certain radius of your stores—you’re missing at least half of your target market.

eCommerce dramatically expanded your circle of influence.

These are consumers you need to consider and you’ve got to be thinking about their path to purchase. Do you sell large ticket items? Then, you should know that 7 in 10 will research your product online—but, 52% will still choose to buy it in-store.

What can you do with that data?

For starters, you can create a better customer experience. You can ensure that your sales staff is ready the second they walk in the door. It means your “browsers” may actually be a whole lot more serious than they appear to be on the surface.

And right now you can’t afford to lose sales.

So, take advantage of the information you have in-hand to craft the best possible retail environment. Whether that’s inside, online—or preferably, omnichannel.

That’s exactly what a national grocery store did when things changed for them. They’d always sold in-store. Yet, they knew consumers were no longer comfortable shopping the way they used to.

So, they evolved.

Using online and in-store research they learned what shoppers wanted.

And, the results were clear. Over a period of 8 weeks they saw a 14-point increase in curbside delivery. Shoppers wanted a hybrid approach: the freedom to order online and the convenience to pick up when they wanted. That’s information this grocery chain could never have collected without market research software.

If you’re a mom, you get it.

The idea of not having to leave your car to get groceries? Yes please. Sign me up! 🤗

But, there’s more. This was a first-party panel. Which meant that the grocery chain was able to track consumer behaviors too. So, in addition to data they collected—the chain captured valuable insights as well. Things like 66% found it hard to assess freshness when they ordered online. Or, 55% struggled to find items in stock.

The “why” behind their buyers’ actions.

So, while it was certainly helpful to collect online and in-store data—what made the information so powerful, was the context. Hearing, first-hand, why consumers chose to change their behaviors.

And, therein lies the secret.

Or, an equation, really. For true consumer insights that you can act on, you need a fusion of information. The goal is to bring together:

In-store + online + data + opinions.

That’s the secret to creating a perfect omnichannel experience for consumers. When you know what they want in-store and online, you can blow away the competition and protect sales. Even in the middle of a pandemic.

How do you get all 4 together?

With a first-party panel. The same people who are already on their smartphones, buying online, can tell you why. And they’re motivated to do so because they’re paid in cash. 

That’s what market research software can do for you.

It puts into your hands the very people you need to speak with. With a single instrument. Through their phone you can follow them into stores, sit with them as they shop online—or take a peek while they’re on an app. It’s all anonymized, first-party data. So it’s validated and accurate. 

The rest is up to you.

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