Fair Trade Data® for better ad targeting.

Facebook is feeling it, and you are too.

Consumer data is now private and the impact from Apple’s (and soon to be Google’s) app tracking transparency is being felt across the ad space.1

Apple and Google are doing the right thing. No company should ever use consumers’ data without direct consent and a fair exchange of value.

But marketers such as yourself are running into the same issues. You’re missing attribution and every day fewer targeting options are available.

The truth is… you rely on consumer data to make the most important business decisions.

That’s why we built Persona Views™, the only SaaS platform that visualizes a mix of location, app and web visitation with survey data from 100,000 demographically balanced consumers, and it’s here to help you plan better ads.

Here’s how.

Use relationships to compete in big categories on Apple Search Ads.

MFour isn’t immune to the problems being seen across the ad space. We advertise so consumers learn about our 4.5 star app, Surveys On The Go™ (SOTG). They earn cash in exchange for their Fair Trade Data®.

Targeting ads on Apple’s Search Ads platform lets you get your app listed as the first option in the app store.  If you’re MFour, you likely want to pick “surveys” for one of those keywords.

Turns out bidding on “survey” as a keyword is incredibly competitive and expensive.

So we use Persona Views™ to find other keywords and win at a much lower cost. Here’s how:

  1. We explore the platform for relationships, determining what other apps users of SOTG are also using frequently.
  2. Once we find another app our consumers are using frequently, we use third-party sources including Apple to determine what keywords consumers use to find that app.
  3. We bid on those keywords, even though they are NOT in our category.  We know users of the non-competitive app are likely to be intrigued by SOTG, and we get our brand in front of them at a fraction of the cost to place “survey” keyword-related ads.

It’s been working. Not only do we rate the highest in terms of stars and organic search results, but our cost per install has also gone down over 30% so far in 2022.  

Learn the apps or categories to target on programmatic platforms.

Different programmatic ad platforms let you target ads in different ways.  Many of the leading mobile exchanges offer category targeting, or even the opportunity to target ads to specific publisher apps. Those ads then are displayed within the publisher’s app wherever they offer banners or other ad space.

But how do you know which apps or categories to target when app tracking transparency took away your visibility? 

Here’s how we do it at MFour:

  1. Search Persona Views™ to learn which apps people who use our app are also using.
  1. We log into our programmatic platform of choice and determine if they let us target by category, specific publisher, or both.
  2. We buy ad space where people using SOTG are also spending their time because we know users of that other app or category of app are likely to enjoy the SOTG experience just like our current users do.

Now we have a clear strategy for placing efficient ads without the need for app tracking without consumers’ permission.

Wondering how you can do the same?

Contact us to learn more about using Fair Trade Data® for better ad targeting in the world of app tracking transparency. 


1. https://www.cnbc.com/2022/02/16/google-plans-android-privacy-change-similar-to-apples.html

By Sharon Leynes

Reviewed by Allyson Wehn

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