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It seems like just about everyone owns or is thinking of purchasing a smartwatch nowadays. I mean who wouldn’t want one? They’re convenient, easy to use, and do everything between tracking your heart rate, and answering your calls. Technology at its finest.

But with demand comes competition, and everyday, more and more brands are jumping on the smartwatch train and coming out with new features. In fact, Garmin just announced that some of their latest smartwatches won’t need to be plugged in to charge, but instead will be solar powered.1 Pretty cool right?

Although there are many great options for smart watches out there, there’s still one brand that reigns supreme. This week, we released that 68% of smartwatch owners leaving Target or Best Buy own an Apple Watch.

Now if you’re a brand that’s in the smartwatch business, don’t be discouraged because I’m about to let you in on a secret. What if I told you that there’s a way to see + talk to 100,000 of your competitor’s consumers

Well, there is. With MFour Studio™, you can see every app, site, and store your competitor’s consumers touch on their path to purchase. 

You can hold the power of 100,000 demographically balanced consumer’s app, web, and in-store data combined with survey insights in the palm of your hand. 

Take a look at the data firsthand. 

Meet Jason. Your dream buyer. He’s in his late 30’s, works in law enforcement, and visited the Apple site 3x last month.

But… he hasn’t made a purchase yet. Now is your time to influence.

You see even though Jason is frequently visiting the Apple site, he’s still shopping around. Now we know Apple is taking the lead when it comes to smartwatch ownership, but that’s not stopping consumers from visiting the Microsoft and Samsung sites. Walmart and Target are also on their top 10 trending venues. 

Check it out.

So what does this mean?

Jason is probably comparing prices and features of a certain device in-store and online but this shows that consumers aren’t loyal to one brand. Their path to purchase is unique. 

This may even be good news for Samsung. Their partnership with Microsoft which pairs the Windows system and the Samsung system together through their devices, could hint that consumers are checking out Samsung products through the Microsoft site.2

But instead of guessing what consumers are doing, ask them. 

An interesting trend like this deserves some validation. That’s where MFour Studio™ comes in handy once again. Create your own custom survey with one little click and never have to worry about making a wrong assumption ever again.

See Jason’s every in-store and online behavior, find out exactly what he’s looking for by talking to him and steal market share from your top competitor.

It’s that simple.

Wondering where to start?

Here’s a free 7 day trial of MFour Studio™ on us. Go check out the data for yourself.

Trust me, you won’t be disappointed. 



By Cathy Karcher

Reviewed by Allyson Wehn

Posted on February 11th, 2022

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