Behind the scenes of a Kroger shopper — only on MFour Studio™.

Behind the scenes of a Kroger shopper — only on MFour Studio™.


No two shoppers are alike.

They’re unique individuals with different likes, dislikes, and habits. 

Now, that doesn’t mean there aren’t any similarities between the two… because there most certainly are. It just means that in order to reach your target shopper and create a message that resonates with them, you need the right data. 

Picture this.

You’re on the marketing team at a major CPG brand. You’re launching a new product that’s about to be sold nationwide on grocery shelves. You’re excited but also a bit worried.

Your boss puts you in charge of creating a killer ad plan but since you’re in marketing, you know that different markets need different messaging. 

What if I told you there’s no need to worry? That you could easily have a solution to your problems in the palm of your hands. 

Well, guess what?

There is. 

It’s called MFour Studio™, and it gives you the power to see every in-store and online behavior from 100,000 demographically balanced consumers. 

Pretty sweet, right? 

Let’s take a look at your typical Kroger shopper.

Meet Carrie.

She’s a 50-year-old female. She’s loyal. She doesn’t bounce around from store to store because she’s into simplicity. She knows she can go to Kroger and check off every item on her grocery list. 

Kroger Shoppers are loyalists.

Carrie is smart with her money and frequently uses investment apps and knows a thing or two about saving her points for travel and credits. She loves being on LinkedIn and supports small businesses by shopping on Etsy. 

Now meet Tom, he doesn’t shop at Kroger.

No, he goes to Safeway. Take a look

Safeway Consumers Shop around frequently.

Tom is your typical Safeway shopper. He frequently shops at Safeway but doesn’t mind visiting other stores if he can’t find what he needs. In fact, Tom shops at other stores quite often. He’s on a mission to find the right product, every single time. 

In his spare time, Tom likes to listen to music, watch YouTube videos, and spend time on social sites. 

Clearly, Tom and Carrie are very different people.

They shop at different stores, use different apps and websites, and have different hobbies. 

But there’s no need to panic because you now have the data you need to create the perfect message for both Tom and Carrie. For anyone really. 

It doesn’t stop there. Data tells a story. Speaking to consumers gives you validation. 

In case you needed more, MFour Studio™, allows you to survey who you want, when you want. 

It’s the only platform available where you can see in-store and online behaviors, and then survey the same panel of consumers to create a complete holistic view of the omnichannel journey. 

So here’s a gift on us. A free 7-day trial of MFour Studio™.

See the data for yourself, send a survey to your target audience, and never have to worry about creating the perfect message ever again. It’s all here

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