Consumer app spending is up 73%.
Consumer app spending is up 73%.

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Evolved with behaviors.

Behavior-based targeting and ad testing results for better activation strategies.

Know which ads resonate with your target consumer – and exactly where to place them for maximum impact.

  • Ensure demographic and behavioral representation across a vast panel of mobile consumers.
  • Get results fast, make data-driven decisions and beat your competitors to market.
  • Optimize activation with deep insights into consumer online and offline behaviors.

Ready, Set, Activate!

Driving leads and conversions is essential to the success of your business. But developing effective ads and advertising strategies can be challenging if you lack insight into your target customer’s buying journey. What apps and websites do they visit often? Where are they shopping? What locations do they frequent? Sure, you can survey consumers to understand which ads work best – but if your target customer never sees your ads, none of that matters.

MFour Ad Testing delivers unprecedented insights to help you optimize your ad concepts and creative – and, more importantly, your activation strategy. By appending survey results with real-time behavioral data, we can show you what websites, apps and physical locations your target customers visit. You learn which concepts resonate more powerfully with your audience – and exactly where to place your ads for maximum impact.

Test, Target, Convert

Test and validate findings, uncover hidden consumer behaviors, and gain deeper audience insights than you’d get from standalone survey data — or anywhere else.

Behavioral Data Append for Targeted Ad Testing.

Traditional market research lets you target specific types of consumers based on demographics – but what about their behaviors? If you’re placing an ad at Target, wouldn’t you want to test your ad with people who are likely to visit Target?

MFour’s unique mobile research model enables us to append consumer data with behavioral data, so you can choose Ad Testing participants based on behaviors they’ve already exhibited. Not only can you include people based on demographic composition, you can test your ads against consumers who exhibit behaviors that your target customer is also likely to exhibit.

Behavioral Data Append for Optimal Activation.

Knowing your target buyers will like your ad is half the battle – you also have to make sure they’ll see them. MFour appends test results with behavioral data that lets you know what apps, websites and physical venues test subjects frequent, so you can plan your placements, promotions and partnerships with precision. By combining behavioral data with responses from test subjects who most closely match your target customer, MFour gives you everything you need to optimize your activation strategy and maximize ad spend.

Representation Across Key Demographics.

Nearly everyone has a smartphone. So why not use it to encourage participation? Through the market-leading Surveys On The Go® app, MFour has built the largest and most diverse consumer panel available, attracting people across hard-to-reach demographics such as male, millennial, gen z, African American and Hispanic Americans. Mobile surveys are delivered straight to their smartphones, enabling real-time, “Point-of-Emotion®” responses to boost completes and improve accuracy.

Repeatable Process, Rapid Results.

MFour is known for speed – and with our streamlined, repeatable solution, we’re even faster. Customizable templates get you started quickly and provide a consistent, repeatable and cost-effective process that you can use over and over again. With MFour, you’ll accelerate decision-making and reduce time-to-market with powerful ads that convert.

Flexible Testing Options

MFour simplifies the process of Ad Testing with methodology and service options to meet your unique needs:


Choose from two different testing methods: monadic or sequential.


Self-service: Leverage templated questionnaires and receive response-level data (SPSS or Excel).

Full-service: Enlist MFour’s experts to analyze survey data delivered in PPT format with key findings and recommendations.

Normative Benchmarks

Evaluate ad performance against established normative benchmarks.

Testing methods

Monadic testing: Different test subjects evaluate one of multiple ad variations in isolation.

Sequential testing: One test subject evaluates multiple ad variations in succession, one after the other.

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