3 things to do before your next ad campaign.

Imagine being a Media Planner in early 2020.

A worldwide pandemic has just begun, foot traffic is at a record low, and stadiums are completely empty. You’re worried.

It’s no secret that Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising took a huge hit from COVID-19.

The good news is… while the world was paused, we were hard at work making sure that when OOH advertising did return, you’d have the right tools to help with ad planning, measuring attribution and so much more.

Here’s how.

1. Plan: Great ads require great planning.

It may sound basic but it’s true. Planning ahead will put you ahead.

In order to create a killer campaign, you need to be clear on what you want to accomplish and with who.

Think of your target audience.

Are you trying to get your message across to a 35-year-old mother of 2, or a 20-year-old college student obsessed with Instagram? The two are very different and need very different messaging to strike a chord. That’s why you plan.

With Persona Views™, there’s no need to play the guessing game on what your target audience is doing. You can see in-store and online behaviors from 100,000 demographically balanced consumers – all in one place.

You now have the right tool to target any market, analyze their in-store and app + web data, and craft the perfect message.

2. Partner up: Mobile + OOH ads = a match made in heaven.  

I’ll bet that your smartphone is only an arm’s length away (maybe even closer).

Consumers are no different.

When consumers move around, their smartphone goes with them and tracks just about everything they do.

Where they go is important for you to know. It’s vital information that can help you determine where your ad should be and more importantly, how effective it is.

Out-of-home advertising aligns very strongly with mobile data in more ways than one.1 Not only does mobile help with audience targeting, but it also helps measure the amount of foot traffic to certain locations, so you can plan to display your ads at optimal places during peak hours.

Think about this.

Your target demographic is a young male between the ages of 18-25. He spends most of his time on YouTube and the ESPN app. He loves going to the gym and visits Dick’s Sporting Goods frequently.

You know this because you have a partner that helps provide validated in-store and online data. You’ve just built the perfect profile and know exactly what your ad should say and where it should be placed.

3. Measure: Your ROI can be found easily.

You’ve planned and executed. 

Now what?

Ah yes, you need to measure your ROI.

Your least favorite part of any ad campaign because it’s so difficult at times.

Not anymore.

You have a partner that can help track foot traffic to any one of your ads and then survey consumers to understand how well your ad is performing.

It’s that simple.

Need more?

We’ll help measure ad exposure, ad recall, brand awareness, brand opinion, brand usage, and consideration.

Six key metrics, just for you.

So don’t worry. Whether you need help planning for your next campaign or measuring attribution for a campaign that’s already live, we have you covered.

Have a project you’re working on?

Start your 7-day free trial of Persona Views™ today. 

Check out the data first-hand. Build your dream profile and start planning for a killer campaign. 

It’s all here.


1. https://digiday.com/sponsored/digital-out-of-home/

By Avani Patel

Reviewed by Sharon Leynes

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