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About Us

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Mobile research is opening the door to consumer insights never before thought possible and we exist to help you uncover them. Our goal is straightforward – design the best platform, recruit the best panels and deliver the highest-quality mobile market research in the world.

Our technology was envisioned one night after work, sitting at the local pub. A few researchers sat in a booth and waited – for our server, for our drinks, for our food and finally for our check. That’s when one of us (specifically who is a matter of debate) said, “There needs to be a polling app so we can tell these $@*! what we think of their service.” And that’s the night our technology, Surveys on the Go, was born.


Available for Droid and Apple smartphones and tablets, our Surveys on the Go app was designed by researchers and programmed by a team of the most talented in-house developers around. That is why we are the most downloaded, highest-rated and technologically advanced native application in the mobile research market. We provide you with all of the sophistication of online systems and all of the added benefits that mobile brings.

Consumer research has been around a long time; mobile research hasn’t.  For that reason, you’ll hear terms such as “native technology,” “GPS fencing,” “geonotification” and others thrown around.  Be careful, though, because not every system is built equally and not everyone’s definitions are synonymous.

We are 100% mobile, and that’s why you can be sure that we are working diligently to define the market.  Mobile is who we are and mobile is what we want to be.  Our success is measured by the success of mobile market research, and although we understand that ultimately you are our client, we’d prefer to think of ourselves as a partner in your next study. We’ll listen to your goals, ask questions and then make recommendations for methodology and survey design so that you can benefit from all of the capabilities our technology offers.

From picture taking and video capture built directly into surveys, to voice recording and our trademarked “two tap” survey design that mitigates screen real estate concerns, we’re setting the standard. Take a look at our site, check out our bios, ask for a demo and put any of our features to the test.

We know you’ll be pleased with the results.