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About Us

MFour is the recognized leader in GPS survey technology, behavior driven research and mobile consumer data.

Our mobile app, Surveys On The Go®, is used by the largest mobile consumer panel in the U.S. – currently 2.5 million, with 2,000 more joining each day.

MFour provides a comprehensive look at the consumer, from advertising exposure to digital behavior and store visits, along with surveys to explain why.

MFour captures your consumers’ current locations and more: see entire visit histories, then use them to target, profile and segment your audience.

MFour Digital Behavior™ tracks consumers’ digital journeys, giving clients the first complete view of consumers’ observed behavior both offline and online.

GPS surveys and historical visit behavior enable Fortune 1000 clients to reach consumers at the Point-of-Emotion®.

All-Mobile Consumer Panel

Power your research with the largest first-party, validated all-mobile consumer panel.

“We recommend MFour because of their methodology, their panel and because they’re a good team to work with.”

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