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Welcome to Studio — your new intuitive data science & survey research platform. Insights you need, whenever you need them.

Easily explore 550mm consumer app, web & location journeys. You can even blend with surveys for unprecedented path-to-purchase insights. Competitive brand tracking. Product and media placement. Better behavior profiling. One platform for attitudes & behaviors—understand consumer journeys like never before.


Big Data, Democratized

What makes MFour different? Well, everything. Take our zero and first-party data; blend it with what you’ve got; easily unite, analyze, and display it; and understand your consumers like never before.

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Enter the Studio

Custom filtering. Powerful visualization. All unified and simplified. MFour Studio™ flattens the data science learning curve, making analysis accessible to all.

Consumer Explorer

Discover the motivation behind customer decisions by analyzing behavioral and survey data. Then, organize it in workbooks for ease of use and collaboration — and immediately make decisions.

Consumer Explorer

Persona Views

You have the data. Now, make sense of it. Break consumers into distinct groups and quickly visualize consumer information with charts and graphs. Trust us: Trends are simpler to spot this way.

Persona Views

Behavior Data

Brick-and-mortar data. App-gathered stats. Web-based responses. All united. Effortlessly use, license, and export it all for testing, analysis, and action, regardless of your platform of choice.

Behavior Data

Survey Builder

Why play guessing games when you could get answers directly from consumers? Build, program, and launch surveys that track standard and behavioral metrics in minutes.

Survey Builder

373 M

App Events

126 M

Web Events

36 M

Location Events

Rolling 90-day window. Updates daily.

Find the why

Let your customers guide your business decisions: With the touch of a finger, you can instantly poll panelists on a range of topics and understand the opinions that drove their actions.


Discover the Point of Emotion®

Someone was shopping on their phone while walking through your store — why? With MFour's validated, behavior-driven consumer surveys, you can uncover the reasons behind any act.


Need the Usual?

Standard surveys fit the bill. Get quick answers to common questions with our modern take on traditional methods — think instant interviews and real-time diary entries, triggered and verified by GeoValidation®.

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