Test Drive Path-2-Purchase™

Explore insights from more than 2 million first-party validated consumers, across the top 1,000 retail locations in the US.

Validated First-Party Consumer Understanding from the Nation's Largest All-Mobile Panel

Achieving true and accurate consumer insights at the Point-of-Emotion® in the age of elevated privacy requires evolving your market research strategy. Engage dynamically with first-party validated consumers in real-time via their smartphones at more than 12.5 million US locations.

Path-2-Purchase™ Platform

Talk to more than 2 million consumers anywhere, anytime and understand more than the who, what, and when of a customer journey. Finally, you can learn the “why.”

MFourDIY® Market research at your fingertips

Build your own surveys and reach more than 2 million first-party validated consumers participating in America’s only all-mobile panel. Watch your results compile and get feedback in minutes instead of months.

America's #1 Consumer Engagement App

With more than 2 million active consumers, 2,000 new consumers joining daily, and a 4.5 star rating in iOS app store and Android’s Google Play, Surveys on the Go is America’s most popular consumer survey and understanding app.

Consumer Understanding

Engage consumers to better understand trends and increase brand effectiveness.


Observe validated first-party location behavior and survey consumers before, during or after their journey.

Advertising Effectiveness

Measure campaign success from creative development through ad effectiveness.

Active Consumers

Daily Retail Visits

U.S. Locations

Who We Are

It began with an idea: “What if we could connect insights pros with first-party validated consumers at the moment a brand creates an impression? What if we could engage shoppers at the Point-of-Emotion®?”

Well, it’s not “what-if” anymore.

We’re transforming market research with first-party, validated, real-time feedback along a customer’s Path-2-Purchase™. With more than 750,000 retail visits tracked daily we can provide you with the deepest level of consumer understanding in history.

What We Do

We provide brands with validated insights using our first-of-its-kind mobile research technology and our first-party panel of 2 million U.S. consumers. You identify research segments, using 200 first-party demographic profiles, then target them across 12.5 million U.S. locations and 750,000 daily store visits.

How It Works

Our research is built on our proprietary mobile application Surveys on the Go®. Americans love their smartphones, and with 2 million consumers (2,000 new users joining daily), 100,000 reviews and a 4.5 star rating they love our app too.

Finally, you can get richer, deeper and validated first-party insights at the Point-of-Emotion® all along the Path-2-Purchase.