Point-of-Emotion® Insights from the World’s Largest All-Mobile Panel
Get faster and more accurate data from more than 1,000,000 active mobile users. The map is streaming real time data of panelists entering into GeoFenced locations right now.
Highest Rated Survey App | 200 Demographic Points | Facebook, PayPal, and GPS Verified | 2,000-3,000 New Panelists Daily
Who We Are
We are the creators of Surveys On The Go®, the number one native survey app that provides consumer insights never before thought possible. We leverage mobile devices and their unique features to gain the most accurate data.
With the first all-mobile panel, MFour delivers accurate data quickly by surveying diverse demographics across the United States. The biggest research firms and Fortune 500 brands across the globe trust us to deliver quality and actionable insights provided by MFour’s Surveys On The Go® app, which features the largest all-mobile panel with the most reviews and highest app store ratings.
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What We Do
With proven mobile research methodologies, we drive results for your brand. Our data provides the deepest consumer insights at the Point-of-Emotion® that can be used to optimize your business and achieve your company’s goals.
Whether your company is looking to improve sales, branding efforts, customer service, processes, or its overall strategy, MFour can help attain actionable consumer insights necessary to make the right decisions.
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Why MFour?
We are the leader in mobile market research. With our native app, we leverage the advanced technologies found in today’s mobile devices to acquire deeper insights, more accurate data and reach the hardest-to-find demographic groups.
Meet them where they spend most of their time--on their mobile devices. With consumers always on their smartphones and online panels dying, MFour can help your brand stay ahead of the pack with new technology and proven methodologies.
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Custom Solutions
Why Surveys On The Go® Native App?
Push Notifications
Send notifications and messages to users directly on their phones or alert them to available surveys.
Video Playback
Video Playback/Heat Mapping
Panelists can watch video clips and rate images.
Photo & Video Capture/Barcode Scan
Ask panelists to take photos, validating whereabouts and gaining sharper consumer insights.
Audio Capture
Hear consumers respond immediately after their experience.
Pinpoint users’ location to validate eligibility for surveys while they enter or exit a retail location.
Cached Surveys
Quick Load Speed/Smoother UX
Take surveys even without a cell phone signal.
Audio Playback
Play audio clips — commercials, songs, messages.
Fingerprint Validation
Verifies Panelist’s ID
Scanner IDs respondents who log in to our survey app with a fingerprint.
Custom Solutions
MFour’s mobile surveys are delivered via our four-star rated, highest reviewed, Surveys On The Go® app, created exclusively for mobile and consumers on the go.
Diary Studies
What if you need nuanced feedback over days, weeks or longer? What if you want to dig deeper to find out, in consumers’ own words, how they feel about something?
Our In-Home User Test (IHUT) explodes the old-school home testing model, transforming IHUT into a smartphone experience capturing Point-of-Emotion® insights.
In almost any industry, trackers are key to current, credible consumer insights—and the most relevant trackers are integrating mobile sample into their mix.
Geo-Intercepts are mobile surveys that capture Point-of-Emotion® responses at a level of precision never before available, down to the front door of a particular store.
Ad Measurement
Ad Measurement
Test ads before campaigns begin; get lift insights while they’re on, including out-of-home. Use video/multimedia capabilities to capture in-depth opinions.
Data Sheets
Our data sheets will help you understand how our proprietary technology coupled with mobile features can help your market research team attain deeper insights at the Point-of-Emotion®
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