Exit Intercept: How to fix a $5 billion hole in sales.

Closing the sales gap:

Rescuing $5 billion with exit intercept surveys.

The goal.

It’s a hole.

You know it’s there. Every day, a group of non-buyers exit your stores. And, as they leave with empty hands, your revenue runs out the door with them, right between your fingers. 

And into your competitor’s hands.

Don’t let that happen. You can’t afford to lose. Protect your sales. Take a moment to look at how this retailer did it, by using non-buyer data to defeat lost sales. Their insights can help you, too.

Research was required.

To fill the hole.

With a loss prevention plan. For this retailer, it meant talking to validated store shoppers. It’s the only way to ask intenders why they’re not buying your brand.

So, you can fix the shopper experience.

Spoiler alert: it’s do-able. By honing in on non-buyer needs, this retailer pulled sales from their competition.

Here’s how they did it…

Closing the Sales Gap: Rescuing $5 Billion with Exit Intercept Surveys

Our approach.

We used Surveys On The Go® (SOTG).

It’s 24/7 access to your in-store + online shoppers. These consumers have given their informed consent to share all their data — all the time. That means, you can run analysis on everything.

And, because it’s an app, the client got:

  1. OmniTraficTM data: Behavior Data® validated both online + in-store visit. 
  2. Every touch point: Digital data was collected before, during + after the store visit.
  3. Accurate data: Only first-party panelists were used with informed consent (as always).
Closing the Sales Gap: Rescuing $5 Billion with Exit Intercept Surveys

The results.

  • They found a $5 billion dollar hole.
    • 8% of shoppers left completely empty-handed.
    • $5 billion dollars, roughly was being lost in annual sales.
    • 16% of intended shoppers weren’t actually buying anything. 
    • 29% of intended shoppers couldn’t find items, so they didn’t buy.
  • But, here’s how they fixed it—for good.
    • After quantifying the issue (~$5 billion/year).  
    • They talked to non-buyers about what to stock.
    • Then, refined their market, demo + geographic areas.
    • And, with the data, they were able to get buyers what they wanted.

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