Take-home test: get 92% to repurchase your brand—right now.

Boosting brand loyalty:

Achieving a 92% repurchase rate with take-home tests.

The goal.

Giggles rise from the couch.

It’s movie night. Your kids are snuggled beside you, snacks in hand—with a nice, toasty blanket laid across their laps. You smile as their warm little hands reach for the bowl, excited for more snacks. They’re loving the salty, cheesy crunch of this new brand. Great job mama, healthy new snacks that everyone loves.

Now, imagine you’re the snack brand. You’d want every detail, right? Their experience can go a long way in guiding design, merchandising, and marketing. Time to research for a brand-new product.

Research was required.

But, it doesn’t start at home.

No. This experience is in-store first. That’s where your research begins. You need to know what it’s like to walk in-store, search the aisles, and look for the perfect family snack. You’re in luck. There’s an app for that.

Boosting Brand Royalty

Our approach.

We used Surveys On The Go® (SOTG).

As the nation’s largest, highest-rated consumer panel, SOTG locates panelists in real-time. Here, the app looked for qualifying natural purchasers in-store. As they went inside, SOTG triggered a survey straight to their phones. Then, followed them home for an evaluation.

And, because it’s an app, the client got:

  1. In-store insights: SOTG confirmed their visit to the retail location. 
  2. Timely behaviors: The app captured their feedback at shelf, checkout, and home. 
  3. Accurate data: Panelists were spoken to in real time, and validated via the SOTG app.
Boosting brand royalty

The results.

  • Phase 1: In-store evaluations are positive.
    • 85% said it was a good snack.
    • 66% felt it was easy to find at-shelf.
    • 64% thought the price was affordable.
  • Phase 2: After checkout, shoppers had this to say:
    • 82% said the product appeared to be unique.
    • 76% of non-purchasers said it wasn’t on their list to buy.
    • 58% decided to buy because they wanted to try something new.
  • Phase 3: At-home evaluations point to even more purchases:
    • 92% are likely to repurchase.
    • 87% overall likability for the products.
    • 78% say they’d eat the snack while watching TV.
Boosting brand loyalty: Achieving a 92% repurchase rate with take-home tests.

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