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MFour is a leader in point-of-emotion targeting. We allow you to know who, what, where, and when by observing consumers’ behaviors using GeoValidation® plus app and web events to trigger a survey asking “the why” during or within 24 hours of an experience.

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Validated research is essential.

Quality outcomes come from quality research.

Enhanced Decision Making

Enhanced Decision Making

Quality research drives a 30%
accuracy boost for informed decisions.

Improved Customer Engagement

 Improved Customer Engagement

Quality research correlates with a 25% rise in customer satisfaction, reflecting better alignment with customer needs.

Increased Profitability

Increased Profitability

Quality research leads to a 20% boost in profitability, driven by optimized strategies and resource allocation.

Escape meaningless data. 
Connect with validated consumers.

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We Eliminate:
Recall bias – fraud – delayed insights – falling completes – limited competitive benchmarking – lack of representation.

Here’s How: 
We use validated & observed app, web, & location visits to trigger Point of Emotion® surveys completed within 24 hours of an experience.

To Help You Prevent:
Negative ROI, overspending, subpar products, poor decisions.

“With MFour we’re able to get that information quickly and accurately so having that technology that allows us to get it faster is a huge win for us.”

Ben Cline, Anheuser-Busch

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