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Why MFour

That’s where MFour comes in. The only platform that provides continuous consumer discovery by combining validated survey + behavior data across app, web, and location. Giving you data you can trust and act upon in real-time, for an affordable price. Intuitive, feature-rich, data platform. Studio users say it best: “It’s finally allowing us to bring ROI to out-of-home advertising. That’s huge. It hadn’t been done before. I recommend MFour to everyone.” Vistar Media “We are testing film trailers & TV…

Use Cases

One platform to fuel your research needs. Test which creative I should use for 
my ads Gain more insight into your customer’s buying journey by combining Ad Testing and behavioral data. Develop and optimize more effective ad concepts by leveraging sentiment data collected from your consumers, enabling you to not only know which ad to place, but where to place it. Test what message I should use for my creatives By combining behavioral data with responses from test subjects who…