About Us

Our purpose is to provide validated consumer understanding for everyone. Through quality, consistency, and innovation, MFour provides organizations a platform that combines observed and stated behavior for a unified view of the American consumer.


1999MFour begins as a political polling firm, using telephone and online voter surveys.
2007MFour recognizes a revolutionary new era defined by consumers’ love affair with their ever-present, hand-held mobile devices begins research and development on mobile solutions for consumer surveys.
2011MFour launches Surveys On The Go® app and assembles the first validated first-party consumer panel.
2012MFour pioneers multimedia survey response with audio, video and picture response offering to validate consumer experiences in their own words.
2014MFour reached 500,000 consumer panel milestone!
2015MFour reaches 1 million consumer panel milestone!
2016MFour launches MFourDIY providing organizations a self-service solution to build robust surveys and deploy via Surveys On The Go® app to MFour’s diverse first-party validated consumer panel.
MFour reaches 1.5 million consumer panel milestone!
2017MFour releases Social Ad Testing offering.
MFour reaches 2 million consumer panel milestone!
2018MFour launches Path-2-Purchase™ Platform


CEO and Co-Founder
Chris St. Hilaire

Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder
Jeff Harrelson

Chief Financial Officer
Rob Chrone

Chief Technology Officer
Wendell Hicken

Chief Revenue Officer
Mike Gaffney