Do-It-Yourself Research

Market research’s most sophisticated mobile survey platform is available 24/7, right at your fingertips. You can target consumers by more than 200 demographic and psychographic profiling points, build on the most robust and secure mobile survey builder, test your survey on the only emulator built for mobile emulation, field to our 2 million-plus smartphone users waiting to provide Point-of-Emotion® insights in real time, and analyze on our real time dashboard of robust charts and reports (or export results in SPSS or XLS file format and analyze in your own tools).
Create a free account and build a custom survey that allows you to analyze consumer data in research studies that are all your own.

Create a free account and build a custom survey that allows you to analyze consumer data in research studies that are all your own.

MFourDIY Features

  • Program up to 100 questions and 1,000 responses.
  • Field to a 2.5 million-member consumer panel, growing by 2,000 daily.
  • Target 12.5 million GeoValidated® locations for in-location or after-visit interviews.
  • Target by app, device and carrier.
  • Design and program using sophisticated survey logic and piping.
  • Display and preview each survey on a project emulator.
  • Get a jump on analysis. Data arrives in real time on your project dashboard.
  • Our live, in-house support team always has your back.

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Market Research’s most sophisticated mobile survey platform at your fingertips.

Product Evaluation

  • Understand what consumers think about your brand and product.
  • Gather competitive intelligence by surveying competitors’ customers.
  • Reach shoppers at the Point-of-Emotion® with in-store and after-visit GPS targeting.
  • Use smartphone multimedia to validate responses, receive visual data and get vivid comments in shoppers’ own words.

Ad Testing

  • Measure lift or test creative content in multiple advertising channels, including in-app ads.
  • Target to your campaign’s intended audience.
  • Display images, text video and audio for evaluations of all advertising creative.
  • Ironclad security prevents unauthorized downloads or sharing of video/audio content.
  • Field traditional text-based questions or hear respondents comment in their own words.
  • Geolocate passersby to assess lift from billboards.

In-the-Moment Interviews

  • Reach consumers at the Point-of-Emotion®.
  • Get instant insights from the voice of the consumer.
  • Use text-based questions or share and receive multimedia for questions or answers.
  • Smartphones’ video capabilities let you see and hear respondents react in-the-moment, in their own words.

Customer Satisfaction

  • Talk to your customers about their desires and expectations.
  • Get instant insights about how validated consumers are experiencing your product or service.
  • Get Net Promoter Scores from validated shoppers and purchasers.
  • Identify and validate purchasers with photos of receipts or products.

Brand Health Monitor

How does your brand compare to competitors? What’s the first thing that comes to mind when consumers see your logo? Smartphone capabilities such as app tracking and multimedia will provide deeper and more vivid insights.

Creative Tests

Smartphones’ multimedia capabilities are ideal for seeing how consumers respond to products and packaging. They’ll tell you if your product is a hit – or give you a crucial early warning that it needs fixing.

Non-Buyer Studies

Get insights into why some consumers leave without making a purchase. Were they just price shopping or was an item out of stock? Did they plan to buy, then change their minds? The answers will help you convert non-buyers into buyers.

Understand the Competition

Why did a shopper choose a competitor’s product instead of yours? How do consumers view your brand compared to others? Keep ahead or gain ground with insights at the Point-of-Emotion®.


Discover and target consumer segments based on who they are (demographic/psychographic profiles), where they go, how often, at what times of day, and for how long. Get deep competitive insights by targeting brand loyalists, agnostics and rejecters. You can get started through our self-service portal, MFourDIY, easily select from demographic templates or assemble your own audience from more than 120 customizable variables and add your own screening criteria. You also can utilize GPS functionality to target retail locations to capture consumer insights during or after respondents’ shopping experiences.


An intuitive survey builder gives you access to more than 120 question types so you can tailor surveys for your consumers. Ask up to 100 questions and get responses from up to 1,000 panelists. Take advantage of mobile device capabilities, including GPS functionality, multimedia capture, and mobile tracking by app, device type, operating system and more.


The smartphone emulator allows you see exactly what respondents will see, making it easy to test your survey to ensure quality. This allows you to make desired changes in design or flow before you submit for approval. So you can test survey graphics, multimedia, and logic branching to guarantee a great user experience.


Reach more than 2 million consumers who use Surveys on the Go®, the highest-rated, most downloaded, and most technologically sophisticated consumer survey app. We leverage smartphone technology to acquire deeper insights and more accurate data, while allowing you to reach the hardest-to-find demographic groups, including Millennials, Hispanics, and African Americans.


Instantly access the Project Tracker to view your results on our real-time dashboard at any moment while your survey is in field. Key metrics, crosstabs, charts, and banner points are all at your fingertips. Easily choose from a variety of formats to download final results for your own analysis.

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