Answer the Why

Wouldn’t it be great to ask the right questions — ones that get right at a consumer’s moves and moods? MFour’s user behavior-driven surveys give you that ability.

MFour uses behavior-driven surveys to know the most about your consumers

Measuring an out-of-home ad’s ROI? Darn near impossible — until now. This tool sources feedback right from panelists who saw your placement.

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Ad Testing

Test. Validate. Dominate. Maximize your ad spend by seeing which spots resonate with your target audience. Then, see exactly where and when to place them.

App + Web Insights

Brick-and-mortar data sketches your consumers’ picture; ecommerce insights add color. Bring impactful digital survey results into the omnichannel marketing mix.

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Directed Shopping

Get a full scouting report on your in-store presence from motivated panelists: how your goods are displayed, how your competitors are priced, all of it.

Exit Intercepts

Exit surveys go mobile: Push feedback surveys to consumers right when they leave a GeoValidated® retailer.

In-Market Product Evaluation

See what’s working. Change what isn’t. Tap millions of consumer journeys to see who buys your product — then immediately gauge their satisfaction.

In-store Insights

DisplayCheck™ tells you how your ad impacts panelists; ProductCheck™ tells you what they feel about your full product offering.

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Visit Pattern Insights

With 10 million daily journeys to pull from, you can sketch a proper path to purchase masterpiece complete with consumer movements and preferences.

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Shopper Paths

Start with bespoke surveys, watch behavioral data based on responses, then analyze your consumers’ paths to purchase. The result: incredibly granular feedback for optimizing ad performance.