Employee Spotlight: Kevin Ha, Research Strategy

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MFour Profile: Kevin Ha, Research Strategy

Kevin Ha is a research strategy manager on our team, working with the sales team to help strategize and coordinate sales in MFour’s flagship products. Outside of work, he spends time looking at art and design and can often be found at any top-rated sushi joint. 

What do you do at MFour?

I consult with our sales team and clients to figure out the soundest approach in research to aid clients in answering their key business options. 

What has your career growth been like at MFour?

I’ve been with MFour for over six years. I started as a project coordinator and gradually had the opportunity to take on more responsibility as a project manager then senior project manager. With the research knowledge, I learned I was given the opportunity to move over to our research strategy department in sales and assist further there.

What do you enjoy most about MFour?

Culture is always key. From the top down at all levels of management. There’s a vibrant culture of team members across all departments and camaraderie in helping your fellow teammate. I never had to do anything by myself and whenever I needed assistance there was always someone there to help. 

How did you hear about MFour?

I was brought on by a close friend to MFour.

What project are you most proud of while at MFour?

Being on the front lines with my teammates for MFour Studio our newest product release. There’s something energizing about going into the market with a new product that very few companies can offer and seeing it evolve over time. Being able to attain feedback and insights from our clients and bringing them back internally to improve the product even further.

What is one of your favorite memories at MFour?

Holiday parties. There’s nothing quite like our holiday parties where you get to meet people in every department and see who they are when they’re not at work. Plus, the food is amazing.

What is your most productive time of day?

The morning. 

What’s an interesting fact about yourself?

I write left-handed but do everything else right-handed. 

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MFour Employee Spotlight: Kevin Ha, Research Strategy

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