Employee Spotlight: Talanda Williams, Engineering Manager.

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We continue to celebrate female leaders at MFour in honor of Women’s History Month with our MFour Profile series. In her role as an Engineering Manager, Talanda oversees the Survey Support & Automation team, which helps ensure our internal applications and integrations run smoothly. When she’s not supporting her teammates, you can find Talanda traveling abroad or playing board games. 

How did you first learn about MFour and when did you join?

I first heard about MFour when searching for an innovative company pushing their industry forward – I wanted a new career challenge and joined in August 2021.

How did you get into engineering?

As a kid, I had always been drawn to digital things – computers, console gaming, phones, etc. I had no idea what to major in, but I knew I wanted to go to college – “Computer Engineering” sounded intriguing! 

What do you enjoy most about your role?

Both my immediate team and the surrounding departments are filled with amazingly talented and skilled people. I enjoy working alongside them and tackling challenging problems. 

How would you describe the culture at MFour?

Everyone is very friendly, focused, and driven – all striving together to change the face of market research. When you attract and retain that sort of dedication, you end up with great, caring, and supportive colleagues. 

How would you describe your leadership style?

I like to think I have a lightweight and approachable style! I try to ensure my team has everything they need, so they aren’t blocked from doing their work. I am relatively hands-off on the day-to-day, but available when I can assist with something.

When do you feel you do your best work?

Regardless of the actual time of day – I do my best work when I’m working on an interesting problem and zone in on it! That can be either be during development or in troubleshooting/brainstorming calls with the team, it’s quite variable.

Who are your professional role models?

I admire strong leaders who break past limits and make way for others to continue on that path while lifting up others along the way. There are so many great role models just to name just a few!

Do you have any advice for the next generation of female leaders?

Keep pushing on! Don’t accept the status quo – continue to improve not only yourself, but your environment, workplace, and society. Hold onto your ideologies, and remember your own value. 

If you’re interested in joining our team, we’re hiring! Take a look at our job openings.

MFour Employee Spotlight: Talanda Williams, Engineering Manager.

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