Why Data Quality is Vital in the Age of AI.

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In the realm of Market Research, the term “consumer behaviors” is often mentioned. However, it is essential to note that most reports rely on self-reported behaviors rather than observed behaviors. This raises a critical question: Did you state that you visited McDonald’s less than 10 times in the last 30 days, or did you actually visit McDonald’s fewer than 10 times during that period? In 2023, expecting consumers to accurately recall such details seems unrealistic. Unfortunately, many companies selling consumer insights lack the infrastructure to capture observed behaviors, relying solely on self-reported data.

The Dangers of Low-Quality Data:

When it comes to making informed decisions, numerous brands depend on data sources of dubious quality that cannot be trusted. However, in the age of AI, overlooking data quality becomes perilous. AI models heavily rely on data to generate accurate responses. It’s simple: Garbage in, garbage out. The issue is further compounded by the fact that AI systems are often unquestioned in their workflow support, adding another layer of complexity.

Introducing MFour’s Unique Solution:

At MFour, we have cultivated the largest zero-party mobile consumer panel in the US. Our panel willingly shares information about the locations they visit, the apps they use, the websites they browse, and actively participates in surveys. This distinctive approach eliminates the discrepancy between what consumers say and what they actually do.

Empowering Decision-Making with MFour Studio:

To help you navigate the vast amount of interconnected data signals, we have developed MFour Studio—an all-in-one platform that harnesses the power of this information. Designed for users of varying skill levels, the Studio allows you to interact with data on your terms. Whether you prefer to work with 50+ terabytes of data at the granular event level using an Excel-like format or analyze aggregated views and trends, the choice is yours. Additionally, at any stage of your research journey, you can seamlessly launch surveys to the specific audience you are analyzing, enabling direct interaction with the data.

A Trusted Data Solution:

We have invested years in developing the proper data infrastructure to support the uncertainties of the future. While the future may hold many unknowns, the one certainty is that quality data will make it more predictable.

By Allyson Wehn

Reviewed by Cathy Karcher

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